Case Study

Immersive Digital Learning for the Workplace

Cross-device training experiences for Fortune 50 employees.

A Fortune 50 technology company asked Orium to craft a compelling, cross-device training experience for its employees with heavy emphasis on high-definition video.

Expertise required for this project

  • Design research & persona development
  • User testing & analysis
  • UX, content & personalization strategy
  • Interface & user experience design
  • Custom JavaScript applications
  • Content and commerce systems
  • Agile software development

The Challenge

In 2014, Orium re-engaged with a Fortune 50 technology company with tens of thousands of people employed worldwide in both corporate and retail divisions. The company’s HR workforce is responsible for training a massive talent base of engineers, designers, operations, and business people on how to build and manage their teams. A major proponent of rich media experiences, the customer sought to bring video into the fold for training initiatives.

Orium was invited to craft a compelling digital training experience for employees, with an emphasis on mobile learning and high-definition, multilingual content. Critically, the product would need to support a broad range of subject matter and produce an immersive learning experience.

The Strategy

Through phone interviews and in-person discussions, we learned quickly that employees struggled to find training resources in the customer’s ecosystem. Moreover, our content audit revealed that existing rich media content was scattered across general HR resource pages despite a strong need for clear regional and employee targeting.

With a mandate to reimagine the customer’s digital learning experience, in just 3 months Orium designed and delivered a fully-responsive front-end experience for integration with the client’s legacy systems. Throughout the integration process, we provided design and development support to ensure the first release would reflect the polish of our envisioned experience. The training experience now facilitates easily-accessed, engaging learning opportunities for employees.

The Solution

Core to the product was the notion that workplace e-learning demands an experience comparable to consumer entertainment: why should high-definition, rich media be denied a performant, fluid, and intuitive platform, just because it deals with work? We looked to Netflix, AppleTV, and other successful media platforms for inspiration and settled on features that would keep viewers engaged. For example, the product’s front-end experience boasts an overlay navigation that keeps content playing, uninterrupted, to minimize distractions for employees. Real-time bookmarking makes excerpts easily accessible for later study. And for chapters throughout each training video, key resources appear to facilitate contextual learning.

Key Features

Training Guide

One of the key features of the immersive training experience is the Training Guide, which gives access to videos, resources, and classes within each training program.

The Solution:
Immersive Video Experience

We delivered a fully responsive video experience where users can access the training guide, chapter information, and closed captioning across desktop, mobile and tablet devices, ensuring an engaging learning experience.

Employee Progress

Employees can track their training progress at a glance, allowing them to quickly jump back where they left off and feel a sense of accomplishment as they move through a program.

Outcome & Next Steps

The training platform has quickly become one of the customer’s most-trafficked internal products and the HR organization celebrated its release as a major accomplishment for the year. More importantly, by consolidating videos on key topics and targeting those resources to specific types of employees, the platform has reduced the load that training overhead placed on HR staff, which in turn has reduced cost and time investment for the customer.