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Flatlay of Coravin website on an iPad and iPhone surrounded by rolls of bread, a wine glass, a chacuterie board and a wine bottle opener.

The industry-leader in wine technology, Coravin wanted to expand their digital brand offering beyond a purely transactional focus. Recognizing an opportunity to feature their state-of-the-art, innovative product as the centerpoint of a global community of wine-lovers, Coravin tapped Orium to help bring to life their vision of becoming the online destination for all things wine.

conversion rate increase

70% YOY

Mobile Bounce Rate


Black Friday Sales


Coravin consumer app screen shots showing product listings and a blog post.

Creating a Commerce Hub

Coravin customers aren’t just interested in wine— they’re passionate about it. One of Coravin’s primary objectives was to create a seamless ecosystem that would connect them directly to their passionate community of wine-lovers. By implementing a marketplace solution powered by Magento and Mirakl, Orium was able to build a more holistic brand experience for the Coravin customer. Customers stay connected to the Coravin community, building brand loyalty as they engage with it time and again as the central source for all their wine-related needs.

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Coravin consumer app screen shots of language and region selector, and of a product in the online cart.

Deploy Globally, Control Locally

Ten ecommerce properties, twelve additional marketing sites, one central hub of control. Using a composable framework, Orium enabled Coravin to fully customize their online experience at every step while still maintaining the scalability they needed to bring those experiences to a worldwide audience. With Contentful CMS, Magento Ecommerce, and a NextJS front-end built on Vercel, Coravin can now manage their digital properties for every market easily.

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Coravin consumer app with screenshots of community events.

Connecting Directly to Consumers

Wine is more than a beverage. Wine enthusiasts know, it’s about enjoyment. To move beyond the moment-of-transaction digital experience their site offered and turn into an experience customers enjoyed and wanted to return to, Orium tackled every layer of the customer experience. From bringing the blog—a key source of information on all things wine—into the fold to rethinking the customer purchase flow, every decision was made with customer enjoyment in mind.

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We made a firm decision to go digital. Orium helped us transition to composable, master our consumer data, and craft an experience that fits the Coravin brand.

Chris Ladd, CEO, Coravin