Case Study

Creating a Commerce Hub

Leveraging a Composable Commerce architecture to build out a Marketplace for a new retail opportunity.

Coravin wine preservation system on a table top surrounded by wine bottles, a wine glass, and a charcuterie board.

Coravin knows their customers are passionate not only about their products, but also about wine and wine culture in general. They wanted to create a space that would answer that passion and encourage visitors to explore the world of wine with them. To become the go-to destination for all their customers’ wine-related needs, Coravin needed to move beyond offering only their signature technology and introduce a marketplace to their ecosystem.

A marketplace serves as a key part of the Coravin strategy for becoming the central hub for all their customers’ wine needs. By offering more than just their unique product, they’re able to strengthen the relationship they have with their consumers, building loyalty over time as they continue to meet and exceed customer expectations.

But a marketplace also offers them something more: the opportunity to get to know their customers in a new way, through data-driven insights into what the community wants most. Those insights can inform strategic business decisions about new product releases, exclusive events, customer education opportunities, and more. Moreover, Coravin can now build out a more personalized experience for their customers, providing their community with a tailored experience that fits the Coravin brand’s ongoing drive for excellence.

Preview of Coravin's product marketplace-ready site with listings of products, and a preview of the Coravin blog post snippets.

In order to give Coravin the solution they needed, we designed a marketplace-ready site capable of showcasing Coravin’s own products as well as products from other suppliers that enhance and complement the enjoyment of wine. Designed to highlight the best features of the products, the site offers enormous flexibility and is hugely scalable— no matter how big they want to make their marketplace in the future, the site can support it.

With a foundational ecommerce platform on Magento, the marketplace platform is powered on Mirakl and is fully integrated into the greater Coravin ecosystem. The marketplace experience blends seamlessly into the overall Coravin experience. That’s the advantage of a composable backend framework like the one Coravin is built on: it’s specifically engineered to allow for this kind of brand-extending integration.

With a new and powerful element to their digital ecosystem, Coravin moved from selling a handful of proprietary products to selling a full suite of products that bring the joy of wine directly to their customers. Even more importantly, they’re now in a position to expand and change their offerings with ease: as their customers turn to them more and more for their whole wine experience, Coravin will be able to meet and even exceed those expectations at every turn.

Case Study

Deploy Globally, Control Locally

Setting the foundation for a digitally-driven future with the flexibility of a composable architecture.