Shaping how organizations use technology.

We specialize in composable commerce, customer data, and retail data platforms.

A group of Orium employees brainstorming on a project.

What We Do

Orium is North America's leading composable commerce consultancy and systems integrator. We specialize in composable commerce, customer data, and retail platform engineering. With over a decade of experience in creating custom digital programs, we work closely with best-in-class technology partners to bring modern commerce experiences to life as a member of the MACH Alliance.

Drawing from a range of talents and perspectives, our team harnesses the data-driven skills needed to design and implement highly personalized customer experiences. We combine systems thinking with curiosity to build next generation experiences and shape the way organizations use technology to deliver context-aware, multi-interface experiences that equip them to meet their business goals.

Our Foundation

Holistic Platform Experiences

The future of customer experience crosses channels, devices, and interfaces. Our projects deliver a holistic platform solution for a consistent user experience and a complete view of users across multiple touchpoints.

Data-optimized Interfaces

We’re committed to helping you make more use of data. Our projects feature dynamic, highly bespoke user interfaces that are optimized and personalized based on user data to deliver best-in-class digital experiences.

Composable Headless Expertise

We’ve spent over a decade honing a deep expertise in the extensible, flexible commerce and content solutions businesses need today and for the future.

Our Clients

Organizations with the power to change the world. If you’re in that camp, we’d love to chat.

Selected Clients

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We bring together data, systems thinking, and curiosity to build next generation experiences. Let’s work together.

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Our Approach

What makes for a great product engagement? We boil it down to 4 core ingredients.

Dedicated Teams: Empathy for Everyone

Small, cross-functional teams dedicated to your project from beginning to end, building deep empathy for your business and your users. Diverse minds from every discipline thinking critically and collaboratively about your product.

High-value Practices: Mature Lean & Agile

Methodical, high-value practices to clarify your vision, understand your users’ needs, and deliver robust, scalable software. The wisdom to reduce risk by balancing agility and flexibility with thoughtful planning and consideration.

Committed to Data: Strong Opinions, Weakly Held

Continuous, steady examination of assumptions—both ours and yours—to build evidence for critical decisions. A commitment to delivering what you need, not simply what was asked for, and a desire to make every application more data-driven.

Customer-centricity: Shoulder-to-shoulder

A firm belief that making software should be inspiring and purposeful. An imperative to help your people learn, challenge themselves, and have fun throughout every engagement.

Step 1: Discover

Understand the product idea, need, or challenge.

Step 2: Define

Model the product or corresponding experiments.

Step 3: Deploy

Make things tangible for stakeholders and users.

Step 4: Analyze

Observe, gather, infer, and recommend next steps. Return to second step and repeat process.

We help organizations deliver great products or uncover new learnings.

Our Capabilities

Data-driven Design

    1. Design research & persona development
    2. User testing & analysis
    3. UX, content & personalization strategy
    4. Interface & user experience design
    5. Design for accessibility

Technology & Automation

    1. Custom JavaScript applications
    2. Content and commerce systems
    3. Native and hybrid mobile applications
    4. Conversational interfaces (bots)
    5. Middleware implementation
    6. Machine learning model integration

Product Strategy

    1. Early product validation
    2. AI and automation opportunity assessment
    3. Prototyping and new product launch strategy
    4. Digital customer experience strategy
    5. Agile software development
    6. Continuous improvement