Case Study

Deploy Globally, Control Locally

Setting the foundation for a digitally-driven future with the flexibility of a composable architecture.

Coravin's wine preservation system on top of a bottle, as a person is pouring wine into a wine glass.

Wine aficionados, like the wines they love, can be found all over the world. That means Coravin, the leader in wine preservation technology, needs to be all over the world, too. With 22 web domains and plans to expand beyond that in the next 18 months, Coravin came to Orium with an ambitious vision for growing their brand to meet a global audience of wine-lovers.

Examples of Coravin's composable commerce solutions with screenshots, including Mirakl, Magento, Contentful, and NextJS front-end built on Vercel.

Coravin needed a solution that offered three things: it needed to be fast to set up for new markets; it needed to be easy to manage for their content and marketing teams; and it needed to offer the flexibility to add to or adjust what was on offer in future so they could respond to changing consumer demands. To meet their needs and help Coravin realize their long-term vision for success, Orium employed a composable framework on Contentful.

To effectively manage their brand across their growing web properties, Coravin needed a central repository for site content. This would allow content to be deployed across any or all of their properties, making it easier to reach their audiences across all markets.

Building on Contentful also meant they could deploy faster than ever before. Coravin’s content editors and marketing teams can now make changes without leaning on developer support, which speeds time to market and helps them increase brand unity across their various properties. By deploying a more flexible and scalable approach to content management, Coravin can now offer the personalized and localized experiences customers expect. And with a composable solution, the stage is set for continued success as they grow and expand their global reach.

Coravin consumer app screen shots of language and region selector, and of a product in the online cart.

With a composable architecture, the stage is set for continued success as they grow and expand their global reach. They now have the framework in place to easily expand the services they offer and the channels they use. And as new technologies become mainstream, Coravin can take advantage of them— from voice to AR/VR and even contextual selling of their expanding product catalogue. Their flexible, extendable architecture ensures Coravin is now in a position to achieve their goal of being the central hub for wine on the web.

Case Study

Connecting Directly to Consumers

Bringing a direct-to-consumer engagement model to life.