Case Study

Connecting Directly to Consumers

Bringing a direct-to-consumer engagement model to life.

Coravin wine preservation system on top of a wine bottle. A person is grabbing grapes from beside the bottle.

A key part of Coravin’s ambitious plans for better global reach was altering how they reached their consumers. Coravin knew in order to not only grow their base, but to connect with them in more meaningful ways, they needed a platform that could be deployed in a direct-to-consumer model like they’d never had before. Their existing experience and architecture would make it difficult to achieve their goals, and they were determined to stand out in the market. And then the pandemic hit.

What do you do when you’ve got your sights set on the future and suddenly the present screeches to a halt?

Known for a pioneering drive toward excellence, Coravin decided to keep going, full steam ahead (albeit from a safe distance). They knew if they delayed, they’d be that much further away from their goals. The only way forward, they decided, was through. So rather than risk the potential revenue losses they would incur by arriving at the end of 2020 without their redesigned website experience, they forged on.

Coravin's online customer experience showing live community events customers can sign up for to increase engagement on the site.

With uncertain world circumstances and no chance of being able to meet in person, Orium joined with Coravin to redesign, rebuild, and redeploy their online experience. With a clear focus on their vision of building out a new model for their digital presence, we worked together from afar to deliver in time for the busy holiday season across the full spate of their global properties.

The shift from a purely transactional experience focused on one device to one that turns into the destination for all things wine and wine technology required rethinking nearly every aspect of the experience. New ways to engage consumers through education, events, new products, and more so they would feel excited about being a part of the greater Coravin community meant restructuring their architecture and establishing a more cohesive customer experience. That’s a lot of work in any circumstances, but in a pandemic, even more so. Orium wasn’t only able to keep them moving, our agile approach helped Coravin to accelerate their transformation, despite the circumstances, to make sure they were well prepared for a busier than ever holiday season.

Coravin are now able to deliver timely content without turning to developers for support or requiring costly alterations to the code and backlog. Educating the customer was a priority from the outset, and this is easier than ever with an improved, fully-integrated content marketing and the simplified content management structure. For the first time, a Coravin customer can come to their digital properties not just to buy preservation products, but also to learn about wine, hear expert advice from influencers, and find new products.

Case Study

Creating a Commerce Hub

Leveraging a Composable Commerce architecture to build out a Marketplace for a new retail opportunity.