Case Study

Optimizing Experiences for Continuous Enhancement

Partnering on post-implementation improvements to ensure FRAME's growth for years to come.

FRAME is an American fashion brand renowned for its collections in denim, cotton, leather, and cashmere. As they’ve evolved their product offerings through the years, their approach to customer experience has been evolving, too. FRAME is sold through their own retail stores and e-commerce experiences as well as through leading department stores and boutiques across the world. As part of their continuous growth path, they partnered with Orium to optimize their omnichannel experiences and enhance their customer journeys.

The Challenge

After launching the NewStore Omnichannel Platform, which includes point of sale (POS), order management, clienteling, and inventory, FRAME brought in Orium to partner on supporting the brand’s long-term plans for continued growth. FRAME wanted to expand on their current build through the implementation of additional features that could enhance their offerings and enable them to continue to create memorable, desirable experiences for their clientele.

The Strategy

Following their initial launch of the NewStore platform, FRAME brought in Orium to help direct and support maintenance on an ongoing basis. Working together closely, Orium helped FRAME coordinate dev ops, documenting new learnings to support ongoing maintenance and future development, as well as working with the FRAME team to identify the roadmap priorities for long-term success.

To ensure the solutions were going to meet the demands of an increasingly popular brand as it continued to grow and scale, Orium performed intensive stress tests, to ensure their integrations were set up for success during higher sales periods, such as client-run sales and holiday seasons. Orium also worked closely with FRAME to identify informational gaps and write change management documentation to allow the FRAME team to focus on business rather than process.

The Solution

Launching a phase 1 of any new platform often means balancing wants and needs. Pre-launch, anything needed to run the business is prioritized. However, once the platform is launched and business is running smoothly, retailers often find themselves with the time—and motivation—to enhance their build and add in features that can set the experience apart.

One area FRAME focused on post-launch was commissions reporting, which often looks different for each retailer and carries unique requirements. Tracking commissions is a critical piece of FRAME’s business, as it allows the associates to measure their progress against their goals and helps incentivize them when interacting with a customer. Orium was able to build the reporting capabilities they specifically needed, automating a report so that it sends to stores directly on a daily basis, as well as building an alternative method of fetching the data at any time. This secondary method of fetching commission data also allowed HQ team members to keep an eye on sales at any time they pleased, providing them with a new source of insight for their mid-range planning.

Additional enhancements worked on by the Orium team include: updating and customizing receipt templates, integrating new POS features as they became available, and bolstering the system’s ability to handle surges on demand. And to go with all of those system improvements, the Orium team provided the FRAME team with the resources they needed to manage their system over the long haul, helping to support the change management post-launch and setting a course for unlimited omnichannel success with FRAME’s NewStore integrations.

Outcome & Next Steps

With FRAME moving out of the post-launch stabilization period, the opportunity for additional enhancements and features rises. With the goal of enabling omnichannel routing possibilities as well as enabling further international shipping possibilities, FRAME is moving toward a fully omni-servicing stack of technology and embracing the wants, needs, and expectations of today’s retail consumer. Orium looks forward to working at FRAME’s side in this endeavor, and to remaining a thought partner when it comes to FRAME’s goals.