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A Commerce Platform Designed for Scale

Setting the stage for a future of retail growth.

Over the last 25 years Indigo has grown into a national icon as well as a beloved spot for unexpected discovery in the crowded retail landscape. Known for their thoughtfully curated selections, Indigo became Canada’s largest book, gift, and specialty toy retailer by providing an in-store experience that connected deeply with their customers. With a rise in e-commerce importance hastened by the pandemic, Indigo partnered with Orium in early 2021 to refresh their online experience to one that would match the delight their in-store shoppers know and love.

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Foundations for Omnichannel Commerce

Retail moves quickly and in the age of online shopping, keeping pace is more important—and more challenging—than ever. Orium worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the Indigo team to assess their entire technology ecosystem, from product data, order management, and fulfillment through to merchandising, personalization, and transactions, to develop a target-state architecture and phased roadmap that would support Indigo’s vision of a market-leading experience.

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Design Strategy for Growth Enablement

Indigo has always been more than just books, but with an expanding assortment of categories and a need to marry in-store and online shopping into a more seamless customer experience, they needed a plan for flexible growth. Orium laid the groundwork for expansion with a UX strategy, information architecture, and design system foundation that affords Indigo the opportunity to create an omnichannel experience today that can continue to adapt for whatever the future holds.

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