Case Study

Omnichannel Retail Hits Its Stride

Connecting New Balance to its customers in-store, online, and everywhere else their customers are.

Hand holding an iPhone with the New Balance website on display. Sports accessories are around the hand.

For more than 100 years, New Balance has helped their customers achieve excellence, with a fundamental belief that we were born to move. Orium partnered with New Balance to evolve their digital ecosystem and deliver an omnichannel experience that unified their web, mobile, and wearable platforms to meet their active, on-the-go consumers where and how they needed and build a community of brand advocates along the way.

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Screenshot of the New Balance app with a watch and earbuds on a sign-up screen.

A True Omnichannel Experience

Retail markets are competitive and the landscape is shifting rapidly. New Balance needed a digital ecosystem that allowed them to do more than simply keep pace with other big players in the market; they needed to be able to set the pace. Recognizing the new engagement opportunities to be found by operating in a variety of channels and across numerous form factors, Orium helped New Balance build out a foundation for connecting with their consumers in meaningful ways.

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New Balance screenshot of the menu and the homepage of the mobile experience.

Personalized Customer Engagement

Athletes quickly become advocates when their passions are inspired. To engage their enthusiastic consumer base beyond a once-a-year sneaker purchase, Orium helped New Balance establish an integrated loyalty program that not only rewarded customers for purchases, it drove personalized experiences that equipped customers with tools, information, and access to products and services to inspire their fitness journeys and connect them to the brand over the long haul.

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Screenshot ofNew Balance Adaptive Training feature as part of the omnichannel experience.

A Composable Architecture, Piece By Piece

Building out a true omnichannel experience requires a flexible, extendable digital architecture. To begin their journey to digital transformation, New Balance focused on a key avenue for long-term success: customer experience. While keeping their monolithic back-end, Orium implemented a composable CMS to power content for New Balance’s web and app experiences, complete with personalization capabilities.

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