Case Study

Personalized Customer Engagement

Strengthening athletes’ connections to New Balance with a customized loyalty experience.

A runner wearing their New Balance watch on their left arm.

To help New Balance reach their omnichannel goals, they knew they’d need to engage their passionate community of runners and athletes beyond an annual sneaker purchase. One key tactic in their plane was a new loyalty app. But loyalty apps, like runners, come in all shapes and sizes. To offer real value for the customers, New Balance turned to Orium to help guide the program through extensive user research and a fully integrated approach.

Loyalty apps, in their simplest form, are all the same: register, earn points, claim rewards. But the success of a loyalty program is contingent on many things. How easy is it to enrol? How easy is it to access your profile? To earn points? To redeem the points? Figuring out what works best for a brand’s customers requires deep knowledge of the consumer and specifically of what they care about most.

The initial request from New Balance was to build a loyalty app— log in on mobile, see your points, claim your reward. But it quickly became apparent that a purpose-built app of that kind wouldn’t offer their customers enough value, so the decision was made to add in ecommerce experiences to the app, creating an integrated shopping experience that took the loyalty app into a more robust New Balance app, with the loyalty program at its core.

New Balance app screenshots featuring a data-driven homepage and a personalized menu.

Everything in the app connected back to the concept of loyalty and equipped New Balance with the tools they needed to offer industry-leading CX. A focus on personalisation—whether it was allowing customers to self-select which items they wanted to see or leaning on localization for climate-driven messaging, like how to stay dry in the rain or the best hot-weather running tips—put data at the heart of their loyalty plans. Even new capabilities in BOPIS and ROBIS connected back to the user’s profile and the loyalty program.

With everything tied directly into the loyalty app, New Balance was able to segment their users by points tier, geography, interests, and more and drive offers tied directly to a customer’s wants and needs.

Case Study

A Composable Architecture, Piece By Piece

Bringing New Balance into a new era of digital shopping with Composable Commerce.