Case Study

A Timeless Digital Solution

Meeting a growing international audience with an e-commerce vanguard.

Over the past two decades, Teilor has grown from a family-run boutique to a renowned jewelweeeeery enterprise spanning fifty shops across three countries. They partnered with Orium to address the growing, changing, and increasingly complex needs of both the jewelry business and their international audiences. Leveraging the Pre-Composed Solution™ for DTC Commerce, built on Orium’s™ Accelerator, we were able to craft a future-proof digital e-commerce presence as personalized and timeless as the pieces they offer.

Time saved with the Pre-Composed Solution™ for DTC Commerce

2 months

Weeks to second locale and major new features


Pre-integrations leveraged


Custom Commerce Foundations

With ambitious international growth plans and an urgent expansion of their e-commerce offerings during COVID-19 shut-downs, Teilor needed a custom composed solution that offered extensibility and the ability to deliver new features quickly. The Pre-Composed Solution™ for DTC Commerce provided the foundations for rapid time-to-value and highly scalable development, facilitating their new website launch in multiple markets with ease.

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Enhanced Retail Experiences

International e-commerce market expansion isn’t easy. Key considerations like language and currency differences require a high degree of flexibility and customizability in an architectural approach. With a headless commerce solution, Teilor can quickly build, scale, and enhance new site versions as they move into new markets, offering their customers industry leading and in-demand services across their channels, such as the ability to buy online but pay on delivery.

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Improved Page Performance

As the e-commerce market grows, consumer expectations around page load times and content relevancy grow, too. Nailing both requires not only strong site performance, but also a high degree of interplay between data control and content. Orium worked with Teilor to deploy a web solution that provides high performance as well as both standardized product data and flexible content.

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The Pre-Composed Solution for DTC Commerce allowed our team to deploy the foundations of its Composable Commerce suite, while enabling us to quickly launch new experiences and locales built on best-in-class headless technologies.

Dana Nicula - Digital Architect & Chief PO, Teilor