Case Study

Curating a custom commerce platform for Teilor with Orium’s Elastic Path Accelerator.

Curating a custom commerce platform for Teilor with the Pre-Composed Solution™ for DTC Commerce.

Screenshot's of Teilor's commerce website using foundations from Orium's Elastic Path Accelerator to display products.

With physical storefronts closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Teilor was faced with two major challenges: First, the need to shift to a strong digital offering that would support the brand for the duration of the closures and beyond. And second, ambitious plans to scale to new markets to meet an increasingly international consumer base. More than just weathering the pandemic storm, Teilor recognized that creating meaningful online customer experiences was part of building a strong commerce foundation for the future, one that connects in-store and online in a way that will meet customer needs, whatever the future holds.

Orium’s first order of business was to reconceptualize Teilor’s commerce infrastructure for a fast, scalable re-platform customized to meet their unique goals. An API-first approach was selected to facilitate their plans for international expansion, providing the adaptability and flexibility needed to meet varying market expectations. This approach also allows Teilor to remain agile during such an unpredictable period, accelerating and simplifying the development process by reducing the time-to-value and allowing the brand to implement new touchpoints with ease as they roll out their expansion.

A couple is holding hands. One of the hands has a Teilor engagement ring on their finger.

Taking a headless commerce approach provides the freedom to target their commerce engine and customer-facing touchpoints separately, meaning they can choose the best solution for each of these endpoints. At the heart of the architecture was the Orium’s Elastic Path Accelerator. Elastic Path provides powerful commerce orchestration, leveraging the power of APIs to give Teilor full control over their tech stack.

Together with other hand-selected solutions—like Algolia’s powerful search tool, Amplience’s cloud-based CMS focused on dynamic content, and Vercel’s front-end deployment platform—Teilor now has a robust stack that delivers both value and flexibility. With these foundations in place, we were able to launch an entirely new locale, including additional features, like loyalty program integration and buy online, pay on delivery, within only a few weeks of the initial site launch. Not only that, but the flexible headless framework enabled quick, custom updates to key components and features, like the checkout experience, to better suit the different needs of each region.

With a modular, customizable framework, Teilor has full control over not only their re-platform, but also their brand expansion. From the business logic to the front-end customer experience, Teilor has assembled a truly “best for me” solution that has equipped them with the tools they need to continue to grow their brand.

Case Study

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