Case Study

Enhancing and Expanding the Retail Experience

Leveraging the power of Orium’s Elastic Path Accelerator for quick, high-value improvements.

Screenshot of a ring and earring on Teilor's website with the website search bar above each product, and pricing below.

Seamless omnichannel experiences are a hallmark of a high-end brand experience and an essential component of how modern brands reach each unique customer effectively. And when it comes to jewelry purchases, the experience needs to feel as high-end and unique as the pieces being purchased. To build and maintain their competitive edge as Teilor expands in the European market, we took a two-pronged approach, targeting both the commerce operations and the customer experience. By refining their back-end structures, they can now offer seamless, easy to update experiences on the front-end, reflecting the high-end purchasing journey customers are used to in-store.

To enhance their front-end processes, Orium consolidated and standardized a number of design patterns, allowing Teilor to quickly spin up new sections, pages, and website versions. In conjunction with Amplience, one of our headless CMS’s of choice, we were able to capitalize on the standard design patterns to produce powerful visuals and dynamic content across a variety of customer touchpoints. Amplience also personally trained Teilor on content management, enabling them to leverage reusability and structure to rapidly serve content.

A Teilor engagement ring with an entwined band sits in a green ring box on a wooden table.

With their new bespoke headless framework built to reflect their unique business challenges and opportunities, Teilor is able to capitalize on flexibility and scalability. Rapid site launches are a breeze, but even more importantly, custom enhancements for specific markets—like language and currency adaptations—are now easy to spin up.

At the heart of their new infrastructure is a complex and robust commerce engine, one that integrates with various systems like ERP and payment, which enables Teilor to introduce new features quickly and with minimal risk. When the roll-out of their second site launch became a high priority delivery with a tight timeline and regionally specific customizations, there was no question of feasibility.

Fast time-to-value is baked in with Orium’s Elastic Path Accelerator. The regional variation for buy online, pay on delivery and the online integration with the Club Teilor loyalty program that Teilor needed for their new market were launched in only a few weeks.

Case Study

High Performance and Relevance

Laying a future-ready foundation for integrated retail success.