Case Study

Improving the Customer Experience

Optimizing for high-performing pages with highly relevant customer content.

Screenshots of the Teilor Jewellery website. There is a bracelet product page showing details about the piece and inclues the interactive size picker.

Rapid load times are no longer a nice-to-have; they’ve become a crucial element of a brand’s online presence and a key indicator for success. There’s a direct correlation between page load times and a brand’s conversion rates. With in-person retail shut-down during the pandemic and the necessary push to online shopping experiences that followed, ensuring Teilor’s website performs well was a top priority.

The modularity inherent to an API-first, headless architecture means that components can be swapped out at will. By composing an architecture that’s custom fit to Teilor’s specific needs, Orium was able to ensure smooth platform performance at all times, including during updates and new feature rollouts. The result of this careful curation is that Teilor is able to continue working on their commerce engine after new website launches, with no discernible impact to the customer experience on the front-end.

Three gold Teilor rings are in a jewellery box. One has a heart, one has a lightning bolt, another has a trio of hearts.

But effective site performance isn’t just about improving page load speeds, it’s also about delivering the right content at the right time. That doesn’t mean personalization, which despite its buzz within the e-commerce community isn’t always the right solution for optimizing customer experiences. Instead, our focus was on equipping Teilor with a content management solution that would enable them to provide content that is relevant, timely, and situational— perfect for a brand with multiple web properties spanning multiple regions and audience bases.

Teilor needed a solution that could toe the line between standardized product data and flexible content adaptations, which meant they needed control over their data for personal experiences on the site.

Case Study

“Best for Me” Headless Commerce Foundation

Laying a future-ready foundation for integrated retail success.