Case Study

Loyalty Enablement for Lifelong Customers

Creating a new standard for customer and business value to deliver a made-to-fit customer loyalty program.

A person holding a smartphone with Harry Rosen’s Club Harry customer loyalty program on display.

Harry Rosen has been using composable architecture for several years, but their loyalty program still relied on a cumbersome combination of platforms that had been in place since 2017. The mixture included customer loyalty points tracked through Jesta (as part of their ERP), bonus point offers tracked through a custom database, and customer referral points tracked through Extole. As Harry Rosen approached the end-of-life with Jesta, the team welcomed the opportunity to rebrand and transform with a MACH-based customer loyalty program.

The new loyalty program would need similar features to their existing points programs, but with custom capabilities to enhance the current tech stack and provide opportunities for growth, and a front-end that integrated with their existing headless back-end systems like commercetools (e-commerce engine) and Amplience (CMS).

A person sitting with their laptop looking at their status and membership activity in Club Harry.

Harry Rosen selected Talon.One, a flexible, top-tier loyalty promotions engine that can handle complex loyalty program demands. They were looking to restructure their loyalty program, so having a system that could adapt to growing needs was crucial to creating a better loyalty program experience. The main star of this revived program? Loyalty points.

Previously, points and promotions were scattered between the in-store POS and online offers. Various point streams created a confusing experience and there was no central point of truth for point totals. With Talon.One’s engine, promotions and points are consistently available across Harry Rosen’s three sales channels: Herringbone (sales associate app), their e-commerce website, and in-store POS.

Not only does this make it easier for the marketing team to manage promotions and points, but it creates a frustration-free customer experience. No matter where or how a customer shops, the same promotions and points are available to them and they can be viewed at any time.

To have a customer loyalty program that mirrors the level of excellence customers expect from Harry Rosen, the platform needed to integrate across touchpoints. It needed to be present throughout marketing and sales funnels— in the cart, at checkout, in the My Account page, in the POS, and more. Ensuring the loyalty program was present and operating seamlessly across these locations was a key focus area of the UX strategy for Orium.

Screenshots of a Club Harry profile with redeemable points and special offers.

It wasn’t just customer experience that saw improvement with the switch to Talon.One. Business and marketing teams benefitted from the switch as well.

A composable customer loyalty program meant flexible integrations with other platforms, like Segment, a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that Harry Rosen already uses. Segment and Talon.One work in tandem to deliver personalized offers based on first-party customer data. For example, if a customer subscribes to a Harry Rosen newsletter, Segment triggers Talon.One to create a newsletter promo code. Then, when the customer places an order us ing their promo code, they will receive an email confirming the code has successfully been applied, while commercetools completes the transaction.

A CDP in combination with Talon.One also gives marketers the ability to build dynamic audiences and advertise specific products. Every month, the CDP can list the top customers by purchase amount, giving marketers an opportunity to set up a promotion or reward points for those highly engaged buyers with the intent to increase conversions.

A person holding a phone using Club Harry’s exclusive Points Gifting program.

Talon.One and Orium collaborated to create differentiators that make shopping with Harry Rosen a luxury experience. One of these customer experiences is Club Harry’s “householding” feature— one that was customized specifically for their loyalty program. With householding, if a Harry Rosen loyalty member wants to add a friend to their “household”, that friend can earn the same benefits and points as the main member.

Orium and Talon.One also worked on a new feature to provide customers and sales associates with loyalty point flexibility. In Club Harry, customers can give points to another customer with an extended loyalty transaction, and coming soon, customers can choose to donate points (in dollar amounts) to charity. Sales associates can also reward a customer with additional points at their discretion.

A person with a laptop and smartphone. Both the displays show Club Harry’s special offers.

Adding Talon.One to the composable tech stack is a natural progression for Harry Rosen. The revitalized Club Harry program solidifies Harry Rosen as a leader of customer experience in the luxury retail market as they broaden their appeal to users wanting a more personalized experience.

Harry Rosen embraces the challenge of complexity for flexibility and growth. Rather than recreating their previous loyalty program, they pushed for more customer-centric features with Talon.One and have transformed the experience to help the brand remain competitive. By making the investment in a loyalty platform that’s flexible and ready for growth, they can continue to innovate and remain the leader in the space.

Case Study

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