Case Study

Custom Solutions for Customer Excellence

Enhancing the advisor experience with a purpose-built application to support new opportunities to connect with clientele.

Harry Rosen retail sales representative using the mobile app to enhance the shopping experience.

One of the first things our initial research and discovery work surfaced was the centrality of the advisor relationship to the overall Harry Rosen experience. Any moves to expand on the digital front needed to be carefully thought through to meaningfully include in-store associates. Without a connection to the advisor experience, the white-glove service that defines much of what shopping at Harry Rosen is about would be lost, and the project would miss its objectives.

As a result, the first application we built out for Harry Rosen was for the advisors. Building on our extensive in-store research and the interviews we conducted, we delivered an app that would serve as “HQ” for the in-store sales team and meet the needs of today’s luxury salesperson in two crucial ways.

First, the app serves as the source of truth for product information, leveraging an event-based architecture for to-the-moment accuracy on pricing and product information as well as inventory across the nationally distributed chain. This gives advisors a clear and reliable view on what is and isn’t available, and where they can source items from other locations in order to serve their clients best.

Second, it gives advisors access to customer profiles, preferences, and purchase history, all in the palm of their hands, which supports them in delivering the timely product recommendations and tailored experience the Harry Rosen clientele choose them for. Central to this customer-focused experience is the laydown feature.

Harry Rosen app on phone display showing clothing selections and suggested pairings.

The laydown is a digital version of a key part of the in-store experience. In store, advisors will hand-select items for their clients, putting together looks that match the individual’s style, needs, sizes, and preferences. To take this experience into the next generation, we created a flexible format that offers advisors the same opportunity to style their clients, only this time through the digital interface and with extended capabilities.

The laydown gives advisors a multitude of options for serving their customers: hand-picked outfits or collections, highlights for the season, a recap of what a customer tried on in store, a selection of gifting options, and more. Advisors are able to share customized product recommendations to their customers and customers can select from the recommendations in an easily shoppable format on the website.

Screenshots of the Harry Rosen online shopping experience with personalized shopping suggestions.

The laydown takes the in-store advisor relationship to a more easily accessed and connected space, giving customers the option to shop when (and where) it’s convenient for them without losing the personal touch of an expert advisor. This feature allowed advisors to continue selling during the critical holiday season, when many stores across the country were closed due to the pandemic, providing a crucial additional sales channel for Harry Rosen advisors.

Case Study

Research & Consulting

From in-store advisors to C-Suite stakeholders, rigorous research ensured the right needs were met.