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Cloud-native commerce control.

We simplify the order management and inventory experience with Fluent Commerce.

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Orium’s commerce systems integration expertise combines with Fluent Commerce’s best-in-class omnichannel order management platforming to help you drive profitability. With a cloud-native approach, Orium and Fluent Commerce can equip you with the tools to manage complex order and inventory needs now, while ensuring you have the flexibility to adapt with ease in the future.

Distributed OMS at the Speed of Now

Increased Accuracy

Know what you have with a single view of inventory and get near real-time, always accurate information, powered by the orchestration engine.

Fulfillment Optimization

Source from the best location, every time, to create efficiencies in service and help you deliver standout customer experiences.

Flexible Control

In-built management tools let you adjust quickly to changes in demand or delivery capacity.

Accelerated Outcomes

Pre-built templates and workflows and custom tools get you up and running faster, so you can see benefits faster.

Fluent Commerce

Accelerate Your Order Management

Fluent Commerce leads the industry in cloud-native, omnichannel-ready distributed order management. A flexible platform that provides maximum control over where, when, and how inventory is managed, ensuring customers get the products they want when they want them even as brands scale.