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A hand holding a mobile phone browsing the Harry Rosen site. The display shows a parka that a customer can purchase online.

The flexibility afforded in a composable architecture means Harry Rosen can now trial additional integrations easily and quickly, exploring new ways of engaging their clientele and expanding their offers without needing a massive systems overhaul every time. Drawing on the expertise of vendors in more niche aspects of the retail experience, Harry Rosen is now able to test everything from AI-powered product recommendations to automated customer service tools and beyond.

Leveraging the flexibility of Orium's Accelerators, an early foray into this experimentation arena was with an AI-powered personal shopper used by leading global retail brands: a recommender that helps users find products that meet their needs faster. Using a proprietary conversational AI, it provided Harry Rosen the opportunity to test a new way of bringing elements of the advisor experience to their clientele.

Another integration they’ve been exploring to expand on opportunities to connect with and serve their customers is an AI-powered chatbot. It enhances their ability to gather meaningful insights around clientele desires, and has been used during COVID lockdowns to connect customers with digital advisors for real time consultations. Whether looking for service or product-related support, customers can find answers immediately through chat, just as they would consulting an advisor in a physical store.

An integration with a renowned visual search and product discovery tool has been a resounding success in Harry Rosen’s experimentation with AI-driven product identification. The powerful visual AI algorithms identify characteristics of a product that a user is browsing and provide them with a carousel of similar items to choose from, encouraging a more engaging shopping experience and helping them find their best product match. The camera search function, through which customers can upload their own images and find similar items on the website, has been another great success. Direct and assisted revenue as a result of engagement with the tools have shown unprecedented growth.

A hand holding a mobile phone. The display shows suggested products based on data-driven insights from integrations.

Building on blueprints from Orium’s own Accelerator library, Harry Rosen’s most recent experimental development created an immersive experience for select products, allowing users to explore and engage with educational and enticing displays of the products’ characteristics. Luxury goods warrant luxury purchase experiences, and the immersive product pages provide this from the comfort of home.

Connected selling and service experiences offer new ways to serve customers better in the moment, but perhaps more significantly, they provide data-driven insights that can steer the roadmap for future development. These integrations equip the Harry Rosen team with information that can help them create a more tailored customer experience geared to their clients’ tastes.

Composable commerce offers opportunities for endless extensibility and flexibility. By testing and validating concepts early on, Harry Rosen will be able to stay ahead of sweeping changes in the market and offer their customers top-of-the-line experiences. New challenges and opportunities emerge every day in retail and the use of AI in product recommendations and customer service is just the beginning. As they build out a roadmap for the future, Harry Rosen will be able to implement ambitious, tech-enabled plans. Instead of being tied to a monolithic structure with a fixed set of features and capabilities (or an arduous, expensive, time-consuming effort to add new ones), Harry Rosen now has the freedom to go where their customers need them to be.

Case Study

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