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Orium and Fluent Commerce: Accelerate Your Order Management


Fluent Commerce’s order management system delivers the omnichannel retail solution your brand needs to effectively manage inventory and fulfill customer orders.

As a Fluent Commerce partner, Orium helps brands implement and optimize Fluent’s cloud-based OMS solution. With a single view of inventory, you’ll gain insight into inventory at every step, and finally have control over your retail operations, from the warehouse to your customers’ doors. Named a Forrester Strong Performer, Fluent’s OMS gives brands the power to perform better across every channel.

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Connect with an Orium team member today to learn more about how Fluent Commerce’s platform solutions can help your brand manage complex commerce experiences today.

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How We Help

Orium and Fluent Commerce will help you meet customer expectations, deliver on brand promises, and grow your business with reliable inventory insight. Orium’s omnichannel retail consulting and implementation expertise combines with Fluent’s order management experts to ensure you’re getting the most from your OMS, helping you unlock the power of your retail operations.

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Why Fluent Commerce

Fluent Commerce brings you the cloud-based OMS your brand needs to meet today’s retail demands. With a single view of inventory, you’ll know what’s available, where it can be accessed, and how long it will take to get it in a shopper’s hands. Give your customers an experience they can trust and deliver on your brand promises.

Increase Inventory Accuracy

Get a near real-time, always accurate, single view of inventory powered by the orchestration engine.

Fulfill Omnichannel Demands

Source from the best location every time with fulfillment optimization and meet customer demands profitably.

Adapt To Change

Respond quickly to changes in demand or delivery capacity with Fluent’s Store Fulfillment and Fulfillment Optimization offerings.

Build For Your Brand

Configure and extend the flexible platform to fit your omnichannel strategy and customer needs.

Speed Rollout

Use pre-built templates and workflows and Fluent’s low code Order Management Experience (OMX) platform to speed your rollout.


Take control of your operations.

Reach out to our team to learn more about how Orium and Fluent can help you get inventory insights to grow your business.