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Orium and Algolia: Powerful Search-and-Find, Optimized


Algolia’s powerful discovery & personalization capabilities help you deliver customized content fast.

Orium’s partnership with Algolia brings industry leading search-and-find expertise to your digital experiences, surfacing the content your customers want quickly and easily. As the first Algolia Solution Certified partner, we help you harness Algolia’s NeuralSearch™ and powerful personalization tools with our user-focused experience delivery, bringing innovative composable solutions to life.

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Harry Rosen - Case Study

Best-in-class customer experiences with headless commerce solutions.

Connecting clients, employees, and systems management in one comprehensive platform with Orium’s Accelerator for Harry Rosen.

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Ready to optimize your search and drive conversions? Bring search and discovery into your experience building process with Algolia and Orium.

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How We Help

As the first Solution Certified Algolia partner, Orium helps brands take advantage of Algolia’s search and discovery solution, giving your team the tools and agility to build to the exact needs of your business. From implementation through optimization, our partnership helps you experience the power of optimized search and discovery for your digital experiences in B2C and B2B commerce.

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Why Algolia

With a full suite of APIs and an AI-powered search-as-a-service offering, Algolia brings optimized, customizable search and discovery experiences to any business. By utilizing automatic query suggestions and enterprise-ready search capabilities, you can surface the content your customers want quickly and easily to optimize user experiences and drive engagement.

Personalized shopping experiences

Deliver tailored search results, recommendations, and relevant content based on user preferences, browsing behavior, and past interactions.

Content Surfacing

Highlight timely, relevant content that engages your customers and drives user satisfaction.

Intuitive Search

Detect intent with exact terms or broad phrasing using Algolia’s powerful NeuralSearch™ technology.

Scalable Advanced Search

Ensure consistent experiences for every user, no matter where they access your digital properties with globally-supported infrastructure.

Expert Guidance and Support

Leverage expert guidance and support throughout the implementation and optimization of Algolia’s search platform through Orium’s partnership with Algolia.


Ready to optimize your search and discovery?

Reach out to our team to learn more about how Orium and Algolia can help you take the next steps on your composable journey with unprecedented search tools. Schedule a call today to see how we can help you transform your search capabilities.