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Embrace the power of a composable content platform with ease, using Orium’s Contentful Accelerator.

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Limitless content opportunities.

Designed to fast-track your digital transformation, Orium’s Contentful Accelerator leverages Contentful’s Composable Content Platform to streamline the creation, management, and deployment of digital content across all platforms. It’s a pre-packaged solution that allows your business to adopt new marketing strategies and customer engagement models quickly, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of digital experience.

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Built on Contentful’s Composable Content Platform

Orium’s Contentful Accelerator harnesses the robust capabilities of Contentful’s APIs, ensuring seamless content integration and management across all digital platforms, fostering a future-proof and agile content strategy.

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Engineered for Flexibility

Adapt quickly to the evolving digital landscape. Orium’s Contentful Accelerator allows for easy introduction of new content formats and channels, accommodating varied audience needs and global market demands.

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Customization at the Core

With pre-built modules and adaptable content structures, spend less time on setup and more on creating unique, engaging experiences that set your brand apart.

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Experimentation Made Easy

Designed from the ground up to make it easier for brands to seize opportunities as they arise. Adapt, adjust, and evolve experiences with ease using Orium’s Contentful Accelerator.

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You can get to market faster with the solutions your business needs using proven, pre-integrated technologies. We can show you how.

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Featured Integrations

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Modernizing Frontend Experiences

Learn how to update your content using a headless approach, decoupling the frontend from the backend as a first step toward composable commerce.

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Combining commerce platforms like commercetools and BigCommerce with a composable content platform allows brands to deliver engaging content that resonates with consumers in today’s market.

Patrick Finn, VP of Channels & Alliances, Contentful

Amplify Your Content Impact

  • Engineered for Multi-channel Delivery

    Expand your reach by seamlessly delivering content across multiple channels. Orium’s Contentful Accelerator enables unified content management that enhances engagement across all customer touchpoints.

  • Streamlined Workflows

    Simplify content operations with streamlined workflows that reduce time-to-market. Benefit from Contentful’s intuitive tools that enable quick edits and faster publication cycles.

  • Built for speed

    Accelerate time-to-value, while remaining adaptable, by using out-of-the-box foundations that mean delivering new digital experiences doesn’t have to take months.

  • Incremental approach to value

    Guarantee fast time-to-value with an incremental approach to delivery, whether you’re starting with a new locale, banner, in-store experience, or product line.

  • Proven and performant

    Benefit from past experience by using a pre-packaged solution built on Contentful’s Composable Content Platform, meant for brands curating a best-for-me commerce experience.

Features of Orium’s CMS-first Approach

  • Pre-integrated Components

    Real-time collaboration enables teams to edit and review content simultaneously, managing the entire content lifecycle and templating with ease.

  • Defined Deployment Strategy

    Future-proof your tech stack and deploy quickly in stages on leading frontend systems including Netlify and Vercel with Contentful’s headless CMS.

  • Brand Consistency

    Contentful, once integrated into your current platform, comes with fully styled components to ensure brand consistency.

  • Accessibility Compliance

    SEO and mobile-friendly frontend ensure WCAG accessibility compliance out-of-the-box.

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Orium’s Contentful Accelerator gives you the flexibility and scalability of composable with the speed and time-to-value of an out-of-the-box solution.

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Our goal is to deliver a best-in-class experience for our customers. Orium has enabled us to do that, rebuilding the foundations of our mobile app and rewards program on composable commerce, which gives us the flexibility and scalability to add, change, and improve our offerings for years to come.

Matt Anderson, Director, Digital Customer Experience, Kum & Go

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The MVP Mindset

Walk through the approaches you can take to get started with composable commerce—and see faster ROI—without overhauling your entire tech stack at once.

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Contentful Announces New AI-Driven Updates

The composable content platform is leveraging generative AI for faster and more efficient on-brand content creation and scalability.

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