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Power Your Promotions and Level-Up Loyalty with Orium and Talon.One


Drive conversions and boost sales with Talon.One’s dynamic loyalty, rewards, and pricing capabilities.

As a Talon.One partner, Orium brings the power of promotion to your composable commerce experience with best-in-class promotion software and loyalty management solutions. Build targeted and automated incentive, reward, and pricing workflows in an intuitive, code-free platform to keep customers engaged and coming back for more.


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Ready to drive growth through loyalty and promotions? Start building scalable incentive campaigns with one centralized system.

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How We Help

Orium’s partnership with Talon.One allows you to build the best promotions for your customers, providing flexibility and scalability– without having to code. Our team of customer loyalty experts will guide you through a seamless integration process as you power up Talon.One’s loyalty and promotion engine as part of your composable commerce experience. Plus, get customer experience consulting through your optimization journey.

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Why Talon One

Talon.One offers endless loyalty and promotion options to help you increase margins, boost retention, and better manage your inventory. With its scalable, omnichannel, API-first architecture, Talon.One simplifies the process of building effective promotions, loyalty, and pricing management campaigns, allowing businesses to attract and retain customers with ease.

Targeting Rewards

Drive sales and increase retention with automated and scalable coupons, discounts, referral programs, and more.

Limitless Loyalty

Track customer loyalty metrics and reward customers with flexible loyalty features that increase customer lifetime value.

Automated Pricing

Build dynamic strikethrough pricing campaigns and consolidate pricing workflows to simplify processes and drive engagement.

Personalized Experiences

Create and deliver targeted offers and incentives based on customer data and behavior to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and sales.

Scalable, Flexible, & Easy to Integrate

Adapt and customize the Talon.One platform to match your unique business needs with a flexible architecture designed for scalability, by leveraging API-first architecture for simple set-up, as well as training.

Actionable Insights

Make data-driven decisions with in-depth analytics and reporting features that provide insights into customer behavior, conversion rates, and campaign performance.


Ready to build loyalty and promotions your way?

Reach out to our team to learn more about how Orium and Talon.One can help you take the next steps on your composable journey to effectively incentivize and reward customers.