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Orium and Ninetailed: Convert Visitors Into Customers and Fuel Growth


Ignite continuous growth with a headless ecommerce personalization and experimentation tool that transforms customer data and drives revenue.

Orium brings deep expertise in customer experience to your composable technology architecture, maximizing the impact of data-driven, personalized customer interactions. As a Ninetailed partner, we help you personalize content and test real-time digital experiences within your CMS to generate more conversions from every visit, at scale and in minutes.

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Ready to supercharge conversion rates with custom composable experiences? Leverage Ninetailed’s headless ecommerce personalization and customer loyalty platform.

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How We Help

Orium’s partnership with Ninetailed enhances your composable commerce with a MACH-first headless experience optimization solution. Together, we help you quickly and easily build a next-gen digital customer experience with omnichannel Next.js personalization – without performance or reliability trade-offs. This means higher conversion rates, increased average order value, and more loyal customers.

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Why Ninetailed

By creating, testing, and analyzing digital experiences with Ninetailed, you can delight your customers and realize more revenue from the same website traffic. Customers get more relevant experiences across devices – and your teams get a complete view of all your customers in one place. Using experimentation and personalization APIs for MACH solutions, you can transform customer and content data into intelligent experiences, fast.

Unified Customer Data

Bring together and activate customer and content data across all channels to enable the best possible personalization and experimentation experiences.

Seamless Tech Connections

Connect quickly and easily with your existing tech stack and headless CMS using native API integrations, SDKs, and plugins for your composable technology architecture.

Optimized Experimentation

Maximize content and improve your customer experience with A/B testing and API-first experimentation that ensures the right message reaches the right person at the right time.

Easy Experience Analytics

Make data-driven decisions and experiment with different personalization approaches to understand how they impact conversion rates, revenue growth, and ecommerce experiences.


Personalize. Optimize. Increase Revenue.

Learn how Orium and Ninetailed can help you get the most out of your data and turn visitors into customers. Schedule a call today to see how we can help you unleash the potential of your business with headless ecommerce personalization and experimentation.