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Activate Your Data with AI, Driven by Orium and mParticle


Put your data into action and energize your growth stack with the mParticle Customer Data Platform.

As an mParticle partner, we’ll help you move high-quality customer data through your organization faster than ever to power better business decisions and optimize data-driven customer experiences. With streamlined access to AI customer data across your tech stack, you’ll build a better first-party data foundation to deliver the personalized experiences customers expect.

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Ready to collect, connect, and manage your data with ease? Leverage mParticle’s powerful customer data platform.

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Orium’s partnership with mParticle connects your composable commerce approach to an end-to-end solution for retail data management, analytics, orchestration, and AI-powered insights and predictions. Together, we empower your teams with real-time customer data anywhere you need it, driving growth with the most relevant and engaging customer experiences.

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Why mParticle

Eliminate the challenges of managing customer data across multiple channels and devices with mParticle’s secure, scalable, and reliable customer data platform that unifies data and streamlines partner integrations. mParticle combines data connections, quality, and governance with predictive AI insights, built on a real-time streaming architecture, to help teams activate their data and supercharge their marketing stack.

Collect, Filter, and Forward

Capture data one time and easily send it out to multiple outputs, with mParticle’s unique capabilities to filter and customize each data point for each output.

Broad Source Selection

Collect data from all customer touchpoints with native SDKs, APIs, and a diverse set of partner feeds to gain insights from a wide view of the customer journey.

Real-Time Data Activation

Access and act on the most up-to-date customer data quickly to deliver relevant, efficient, engaging, and personalized ecommerce experiences in real-time.

Powerful Analytics

Gain deep insights without SQL knowledge with powerful, self-service analytics to understand the entire customer journey and build better digital experiences.

Integrated Governance

Leverage comprehensive customer data privacy features, from automated data subject requests to filtered advertising audiences by consent state.

High-Quality Data

Trust your customer data pipeline with data quality and data planning features for consistently clean, accessible data for your entire team.


Simplify & amplify your customer data.

Learn more about how Orium and mParticle can help you collect, manage, and act on better data that fosters growth and enhances the customer experience. Schedule a call today to see how we can transform and enhance your retail data management strategy.