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Search and Product Discovery with Orium and Constructor


Constructor delivers unmatched customer personalization with a holistic AI-first e-commerce search and product discovery ecosystem.

Through Orium’s partnership with Constructor, you can improve your brand’s ecommerce performance with personalized experiences informed by real-time and historical behavioral data. Constructor’s proprietary AI platform, Native Commerce Core™, is purpose-built for ecommerce, enabling teams to be strategic and agile to market changes with unmatched ROI.

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How We Help

As a Constructor partner, Orium helps your brand leverage the power of AI to create personalized customer experiences backed by data. Our composable commerce experts will help you explore the depth of Constructor’s Native Commerce Core™ to implement the platform solutions that will make your brand smarter—and better prepared—for your customers’ search and discovery needs.

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Why Constructor

Don’t make AI an afterthought. Choose a composable solution with an AI-powered core for your ecommerce needs. With advanced algorithms, Natural Language Processing, Large Language Models, real-time data, and historical data, Constructor is built to power the personalized ecommerce experiences that drive customer conversions. Gain clear KPIs and understand user intent to improve your ecommerce outcomes.

Increase Critical Revenue

With AI-powered ecommerce results, Constructor puts your customers first. Show them the products they want to buy, and increase your conversions and revenue.

Build Stronger Relationships

Refine your product recommendations and category pages with unique data for each visitor. Plus, take advantage of Constructor’s quizzes to gain info your customers want you to know.

Take Data-Informed Action

With the help of AI and ML-driven analytics, Constructor eliminates the need to search through rows of numbers and helps you focus on the next steps to improve your commerce experience.

Turnkey Solutions

Constructor is a ready-to-deploy MACH-certified product and seamlessly integrates with other composable commerce software, connectors, and API-first technology.

Secure and Compliant

Constructor keeps your brand GDPR and CCPA compliant, and has built-in security features that meet or exceed industry standards.


Begin with an ecosystem focused on ecommerce, search, and product discovery.

Reach out to our team and learn how Orium and Constructor can help you transition to a customer-centric, AI-informed platform for ecommerce today.