Twilio Segment

Deliver data-informed customer journeys.

Empower every team in your company with a single view of the customer informed by web & mobile data.

With the power of Twilio Segment, Orium transforms your customer data strategy to deliver clean, consistent and consolidated customer insights. Orium’s expert strategists and engineers create data-informed commerce experiences with Twilio Segment’s cross channel communication technology. Leverage data insights to create real time experiences that deepen your relationships with customers.

Activate Your Customer Data

Data Foundations

Collect, clean, and activate your data strategy with a roadmap and software to build your ultimate data pipeline.

Cross-functional Collaboration

Break down internal team and tech silos so that the entire organization can make better business decisions.

Integrated Tools

Leverage your entire omnichannel ecosystem and unite every part of your tech stack to leave no data behind with webhooks, custom source functions, and SDKs.

Custom Experiences

Orchestrate journeys at scale unique to your brand and customers with personalized interactions and trusted global communications on every channel.

Twilio Segment

Customer data done right

Data is a key ingredient in the long-term success of your commerce business. Streamline your data capture process, deliver clean, clear information to your teams, and harness data-powered insights to drive meaningful business outcomes for your brands with flexibility and custom controls built-in.