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Orium Named commercetools Enterprise Partner of the Year

Ongoing partnership proves the transformational value of composable commerce for commerce and retail brands.

Logos of Orium and commercetools as Orium is selected as commercetools' Enterprise Partner of the Year.

TORONTO, ON, November 3, 2022 - Orium (formerly Myplanet), North America's leading composable commerce consultancy and system integrator, won Enterprise Partner of the Year at the commercetools Partner Summit held in Austin, TX. A premier commercetools partner and early member of the MACH Alliance, Orium is shaping how commerce and retail brands think about digital transformation through its investment in composable commerce accelerators and award-winning work with customers like Harry Rosen.

"To be recognized by commercetools, the leading provider of API-first composable commerce, is a real honor," says Jason Cottrell, CEO of Orium. "Together our teams empower enterprise brands to rethink and reshape their omnichannel customer journeys."

Orium believes that today's retailers are dealing with what they call the "multi-” problem — how to provide a seamless customer experience across multiple channels, brands, geographies, languages, currencies, and business models — and the monolithic commerce solutions of the past can't keep pace. APIs and composable commerce solutions help retailers address this multi- problem.

"Orium is a clear leader in API-first commerce," said Kelly Goetsch, Chief Strategy Officer at commercetools. "This team is the complete package and any retailer looking to make the shift to composable commerce will be wise to look at Orium."

Orium's exclusive focus on composable commerce, along with its investment in™ accelerators, such as the Omniretail Accelerator™ for commercetools, make it an easy choice for commerce and retail brands researching the migration to a curated commerce suite.

"We've partnered with commercetools because of their product vision and the comprehensiveness of their APIs," says Everett Zufelt, VP, Product & Partnerships at Orium. "Incorporating commercetools in our accelerator has made it easier than ever for brands to make the move to an API-first commerce solution."

About Orium

Orium is North America’s leading composable commerce consultancy and system integrator. We help ambitious commerce and retail brands execute, innovate, and transform more quickly, enabling them to deliver engaging customer experiences and scale their brands across channels through careful curation of MACH technologies such as commercetools.

About commercetools

The inventor of headless commerce, commercetools is an innovative technology disruptor that has established itself as an industry-leading e-commerce software provider. Today, some of the world’s most iconic brands and growth-focused businesses trust commercetools’ powerful, flexible, scalable solutions to support their ever-evolving digital commerce needs. As the visionaries leading the modern MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless) architecture movement, commercetools provides customers with the agility to innovate and iterate on the fly, merge on and off-line channels, drive higher revenue, and future-proof their eCommerce business. Based in Munich, Germany, with offices in Europe, Asia, and the United States, commercetools is singularly focused on a future of limitless commerce possibilities.

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