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Deliver premium mobile commerce experiences with the leading React Native commerce accelerator from Orium.

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Fire up your brand by developing an application that drives customer engagement at home, on the road, and in-store. Orium’s React Native Accelerator is designed to give your team full control, enabling you to address contextual commerce scenarios without starting from scratch. Create new experiences, delight your customers, and simplify consumer touchpoints by combining proven front-end architecture conventions, a commerce-oriented UI library, and out-of-the-box support for best-in-class technologies— all while achieving a faster time-to-value.


Accelerate your omnichannel experiences

Get started with mobile commerce flows—including loyalty, digital wallet, contactless payment, order ahead, appointment booking, shop the store, and more—to get your business up and running quickly.

Benefits of our React Native Accelerator

Contextual commerce

Centre the experience around the specific context your customer is in. Customers can purchase anything from anywhere at any time while they shift between digital and physical experiences, all enabled by their phone and their physical geography.

Unique customer experiences

Business users can manage content models and customer experiences without involving engineering or hard coding complex content strings. When mobile architectures are component based, the focus of experience shifts away from development and towards use cases.

Increased engagement and loyalty

Drive loyalty by providing unique experiences for customers and supporting their purchase journey between digital and physical stores, and leverage the captive mobile space with direct promotions and geography-based engagement to boost purchases.

Incremental sales capture

Personalized experiences across channels deliver a consistent and relevant customer journey. Our best practice retail commerce design system provides the building blocks for modern digital experiences, freeing time to craft unique, brand differentiating interactions.

Faster time-to-value

Pre-integrated with leading technologies, our React Native Accelerator offers faster time-to-value by providing flexibility in your tech stack. Component-based development in native environments allows teams to focus on use cases before engineering.

Tools you trust

Build with the tools teams love. Our React Native Accelerator uses industry-leading tools—including React Native, Firebase, and Figma—to maximize the time teams spend delivering value to your brand.


Experience management

With integrations for leading experience builders like Contentful, experience management is easier than ever and experimenting with changes doesn’t require development help.

Pre-compose, then customize

Best-in-class technologies integrated out of the box make it easier than ever to get the right products and promotions in front of your customers, in the right place, at the right time.

Mobile commerce ready

Pre-composed, customizable, industry best practice patterns for core mobile commerce flows—including loyalty, promotions, storefinder, bundles, and more—to get your business up and running quickly.

Case Studies

Connecting clients, employees, and systems management in one comprehensive platform with Orium’s Accelerator for Harry Rosen.

Harry Rosen - Case Study

Best-in-class customer experiences with headless commerce solutions.

Connecting clients, employees, and systems management in one comprehensive platform with Orium’s Accelerator for Harry Rosen.

Built with tools you know

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React Native

Create native apps that don't compromise the user experience. With a developer-friendly JavaScript core, React Native enables you to deploy on both iOS and Android with ease.

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Get to market faster with the power of Firebase. Track real-time data and mobile analytics, and harness the power of cloudless technologies to manage your back-end servers on the cloud.

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Figma’s cloud-first approach to design production simplifies collaboration between your engineering and design teams by organizing design decisions and UI libraries in a shared space where team members can collaborate together in real time.


Accelerate Your Omnichannel Journey Today

Your customers want more flexible shopping and purchasing options. Be where they want you to be, with the experiences they want to have— Orium’s React Native Accelerator can help you deliver omnichannel experiences faster.