Bold Checkout Accelerator

Change Your Checkout, Not Your Platform

Reduce friction in the checkout experience with Orium’s Bold Checkout Accelerator.

Sample of Orium's Bold Checkout Accelerator as used on a commerce website.

Orium’s Bold Checkout Accelerator makes it possible for brands to start their composable commerce journey with a highly converting checkout experience. Built upon the foundations of Bold’s headless APIs, brands can realize faster time-to-market while having complete control over their checkout experience. Increase flexibility and customizability, and achieve increased conversions and improved customer lifetime value.

Frictionless Checkout Experiences   

Higher Conversion Rates

Maximize your checkout completion rate by offering checkout flows based on shopper context.

Faster Time-to-Market

Get up and running faster with a library of no-code, pre-built checkout flows that can be easily customized.

At Bold, we’re focused on delivering checkout innovation that drives growth for our customers. Orium’s Bold Checkout Accelerator makes it easier than ever to get up and running with a highly-converting, headless checkout.

Yvan, Boisjoli, Co-Founder, Bold Commerce

Get Started with Bold Commerce

Orium’s Bold Checkout Accelerator gives you the flexibility to upgrade your checkout experience with device-specific flows to increase conversion and reduce shopping cart abandonment. Learn how our accelerator enables retail and B2C brands.

Example of a payment method screen on a mobile device using Orium's Bold Checkout Accelerator.

Checkout That Makes Sense   

Scale dynamically, get to market faster, and create high-converting, consumer-centric experiences across any touchpoint with the Bold Checkout Accelerator. Bold’s headless commerce solutions equip you with the tools to adapt in real-time to customer behaviors and business needs, while improving average order value and lifetime value.

Benefits of Our Bold Checkout Accelerator

More Shoppable Moments

Checkout instantly from product pages, blogs, emails, QR codes, and more, all through one efficient backend.

Experimentation Made Easy

A best-in-breed checkout solution makes it easier for brands to seize opportunities as they arise. Innovate, iterate, and test custom checkout flows.

Faster Time-to-Market

Pre-built integrations and proven experience patterns speed your time to market while minimizing risks to your brand.

Handle Data Securely

Bold Commerce is PCI compliant, using industry-leading encryption techniques and processes all personal information securely. Supported payment gateways are PCI compliant as well.

Future Proof Your Brand

De-risk using this checkout to drive revenue today and lower your total cost of ownership over time.

Convert More Shoppers in More Places

Orium's Bold Checkout Accelerator brings the best checkout experiences Bold has to offer to your composable commerce solution. With device-based checkouts to maximize conversion, you’ll create immediate impact in the moments your customers want to shop.

1-page Checkout

For a faster checkout experience on desktop.

3-page Checkout

Provides a simplified, convenient checkout with easy payment options for mobile devices.

Buy Now

Offers quick payments and a faster route to checkout, including follow-ups after cart abandonment.

Post-purchase Upsell

Streamline conversion while maximizing AOV through offering customers add-ons and extras in the checkout experience.

Features of Our Bold Checkout Accelerator

Bringing Agility to Checkout

Brands are equipped with a comprehensive set of checkout capabilities, such as: upsell, payment flexibility, fraud, tax integrations, and more. Add features and functionality as your needs change.

Experiences That Convert

Orium’s Bold Checkout Accelerator offers device-based checkout flows that best serve the needs of customers, whether on a desktop or mobile device, and maximize conversion.

Integrates Easily

Free from limitation and full of opportunities, this accelerator integrates seamlessly with your current commerce stack, including: Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce, commercetools, Oracle ATG.


Get Started with Bold Commerce

Learn more about Bold Commerce and how their headless checkout enables customer experiences that result in higher conversion for the world’s leading brands.