Supercharge your marketing stack.

We bring AI customer data to your marketing team with mParticle.

Orium connects your retail and commerce experiences to mParticle’s powerful customer data platform, bringing you real-time AI data that can power your marketing team and help you meet your business goals. Improve conversion, retention, and time-to-monetization with high-quality customer data, available wherever you need it.

Better Customer Data

Unified Views

Build a single view of the customer so you can optimize every experience with access to complete customer context.

Future Focused

Proactively target likely-to-convert users or to mitigate churn risk using the power of AI to predict future outcomes.

Orchestrated Journeys

Create multi-step, cross-channel sequences, and analyze results with indicative journey analytics.

Audience Segmentation

Create real-time audience segments for targeting and dynamically update distribution lists for leading marketing and advertising solutions.


Customer Data Done Right

mParticle’s powerful customer data platform boosts your entire marketing stack. Build a first-party data foundation to scale customer engagement and reduce risk, simplify customer data management, and streamline access to high-quality customer data across your tech stack so you can improve conversions, retention, and time-to-monetization.