Case Study

A Platform-focused Digital Solution

Laying the foundation for a best-in-class experience that will grow with the company.

To achieve their vision of a next generation digital experience, Harry Rosen needed a digital platform that could support them today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Orium proposed a new philosophy to modernize their retail architecture with three primary goals: achieve more consistent data, provide a reliable source of truth for key information, and in anticipation of powering multiple interfaces, standardize the way data was made available.

We started with product, the highly dynamic data set at the heart of every retail experience. Knowing their existing systems — ERP and PIM — weren’t going to be replaced in the near term, we focused on making the information they operated on more readily available and with more consistent access across both in-store and out-of-store experiences.

By ensuring product had a single source of truth to draw from, we would be improving the efficiency and reliability of the existing ERP and PIM systems without making any changes to them directly. And with those two systems improved, the experience of shopping with Harry Rosen (especially in a digitally connected way) improves as well.

We were able to improve nearly every other aspect of the customer shopping experience by solving product data struggles. With a reliable product data set, in-store inventory searches to source desired merchandise from other locations can be trusted, saving time for busy clientele and reinforcing the relationship between advisor and customer. When a customer shops online, strong product data ensures customers are able to shop for and purchase items without the potential frustration of an oversold item being out of stock. Search is more reliable, shipping times easier to predict, and the high-end experience Harry Rosen is known for can find new avenues for expression, all because product data has been improved to such a high degree.

And with that foundation in place, integration with new technology, vendors, and systems is much easier and much lower-risk. Point-to-point integrations are eliminated, reducing time and cost, as well as dependency on internal resources, which paves the way for experimentation and most importantly, faster development of the customer experience.

Case Study

Experimentation & Roadmap Development

Leveraging a best-in-class retail platform, Orium worked with Harry Rosen to experiment on new interfaces, piloting new experiences in sales and customer support.