Case Study

Commerce Acceleration Made Easy

Simplifying the Harry Rosen commerce approach with the™ Accelerator.

As early adopters of online shopping, Harry Rosen understood the importance of a digital commerce strategy. Their EVP Digital Strategy, Ian Rosen, was fully committed to a vision of a digitally enhanced future. As they began working with Orium on their advisor app, it became apparent that on a larger platform scale a composable, best-of-breed approach would best meet the brand's digital goals today and in the future. Orium planned a replatform off of their monolithic commerce architecture to help them usher in a new era of digitally-enabled commerce experiences. With the gaps between ecommerce experiences that wowed even one to two years ago and the experiences customers expect going forward widening, Orium was excited to join Harry Rosen on their ambitious replatforming plan.

Then COVID, and the resulting increase in digital business driven in part by temporary store closures, put incredible pressure on this timeline. Orium’s Accelerator, allowed Harry Rosen to realize fast time to market, launching their replatform project within 5 months. Accelerator integrates with best-of-breed composable commerce technologies, setting a foundation of proven conventions, creating more time and opportunity to craft brand-differentiating experiences through our design studio. Harry Rosen selected Amplience, a best-in-class retail CMS, to power the bespoke customer experiences they’re known for as well as commercetools, a leader in headless commerce.

Amplience is a retail-focused CMS with business user tooling that empowers retail content creators and merchandisers. This means the content team has the power to make changes as they see fit—without any intervention or assistance from a development team—publishing content and changing layouts to support the content as soon as it’s ready.

Fashion is fast moving and Harry Rosen is known for leading its industry, so the ability to move quickly on content is crucial to their brand experience. By deploying on Amplience, the Harry Rosen team can now create more engaging content and harness a clearer and more focused brand voice across their digital properties, based directly on how customers are interacting with their site. Amplience also offers a high degree of future-readiness when it comes to content— their headless solution allows content to be reused in other contexts with ease, equipping Harry Rosen with the ability to leverage their content across a variety of digital touchpoints as their products and offerings evolve.

Crucially, Amplience integrates easily with Accelerator and with commercetools, the ecommerce platform partner Harry Rosen selected. With Amplience and commercetools connected, options for merchandising are easier than ever: product data is pulled from commercetools into Amplience, allowing merchandisers to create components that blend product and content. Chosen for its flexibility and ability to scale, commercetools powers core catalogue data, pricing and promotions, and carts and orders. And in addition to powering the website, commercetools’ product catalogue data is both syndicated to and consumed by the various marketing and personalization platforms.

Integrating with Harry Rosen’s ERP and PIM technologies to consume their product info (product name, variant data, pricing, inventory, etc), commercetools ensures there’s always and only one source of truth. Across touchpoints, we’ve been able to establish a consistent narrative about the product, one of the biggest challenges facing ecommerce today.

Finally, flexibility is a big advantage here as well. Through the use of commercetools, Harry Rosen will be able to sell in ways that extend beyond the website. In future, new form factors and channels—from in-store kiosks to at-home try-ons through VR—can leverage the same data available in commercetools through the microservices architecture. Best of all, they can deploy these new experiences quickly: the data already exists and the APIs are already in place, so building on new experiences that hinge on the data is straightforward (and doesn’t require building the same thing twice). Working with as the foundation, Harry Rosen can now leverage best-in-class technologies like Amplience and commercetools to easily create the experiences their customers expect.

Case Study

Retail Infrastructure

Retail data is notoriously tough — complex product models, heavy reliance on legacy systems, and high-velocity data movement all make commerce for the enterprise difficult.